Who is Dustin Ruby’s girlfriend Amanda Schutz, aka Loli Pop the Clown?

Xmas 2014’s most strange celebrity newspaper article simply obtained somewhat a lot more strange as it has been revealed that Dustin Diamond’s sweetheart Amanda Schutz, that was arrested together with Dustin on December 26 after a stabbing incident at a Wisconsin bar, is a specialist clown. So the headline can now read: “Shriek arrested with partner Loli Pop the Clown after Wisconsin bar knife stabbing.”

The identity of Dustin’s partner Amanda (multiple media outlets are stating the couple is involved and also Amanda is Dustin’s fiancée) was confirmed in the arrest report released by cops yesterday. In the report, Dustin declares that he as well as Amanda Schutz, 27, went to the Grand Avenue Saloon in Port Washington, Wisconsin on Christmas night when he observed a team of people appearing inebriated who became rude and also disparaging. Dustin states the team’s habits led him to believe “there was going to be a brawl,” so he looked to liquidate his as well as Amanda’s tab and fetch their coats.

Dustin states when he recalled Amanda was bleeding as well as was being held by her hair by 2 guys. When he went toward his sweetheart to help, Dustin says in the report that a guy got him and that he may have stabbed the man with the pen he made use of to sign his bank card invoice. Dustin later admitted he had a knife, according to the record.

“Diamond stated that he did not intentionally stab the person in the bar but that turmoil burst out and also people were getting at him and that he turned his arms to break totally free,” checks out the record.
The man that was supposedly stabbed informed authorities he was uninformed of being reduced and that he did not see a knife, yet the district attorney, later on, stated the man was treated for a half-inch slit wound under his arm as well as is presently recuperating in the house.

After the incident, Dustin as well as sweetheart Amanda (viewed as Loli Pop the Clown in the image over) left the bar as well as were later on come by police, that discovered a “stiletto folding blade with a 3.75-inch blade, which utilizes a thumb stud and also assisted opening system.” (In other words, a switchblade knife.) Authorities claimed the knife’s suggestion was wet.

Dustin Diamond had a court look Friday using a video seminar, during which the judge established a $10,000 money bond. Multiple media electrical outlets are reporting that Dustin is facing 3 offense charges, including second-degree recklessly jeopardizing safety and security, although his online scheduling information from the Ozaukee County Sheriff”s Workplace shows him being charged with first-degree recklessly jeopardizing safety, which is a Course F felony.

Schutz, 27, was reserved and launched as well as encountered a single charge of disorderly conduct.
Amanda Schutz makes her living directing Loli Pop Enjoyment, LLC, which shows up to simply consist of Amanda making herself offered for events and events as Loli Pop the Clown (above).

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