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Amazon’s inventory and fulfillment are critical to its success. To gain an advantage against other brick-and-mortar stores, this e-commerce behemoth is investing in boosting its inventory operations by offering features such as product bundles. For FBA sellers, the Product Bundles pilot program provides a much-needed addition. Amazon will automatically adjust the amounts based on the availability of the bundle’s lowest-stock item.

Amazon assigns the bundle a unique SKU, which you may use to create/edit the product title, description, price, and photos. You can construct product bundles with numerous ASINs using the Virtual Product Bundles tool. You can sell two to five ASINs that are complementary from a single product detail page. Brand owners can use this service to provide product bundles without having to package them together or change their FBA inbound inventory.

What does Amazon mean when it says “product bundle”?

Amazon distinguishes between multiple packaging and bundle packaging. According to Amazon’s criteria, bundled products can only contain things that complement each other. This means that items in the bundle improve or enhance the use of other items in the bundle, or that buying the items together is more convenient for the buyer.

There are five reasons why manufacturers should design their own Amazon bundles.

As a manufacturer, there are various advantages to bundling on Amazon:

1. Make the customer’s life easier.

The customer expects it to be simple and convenient (not just on Amazon). If he buys a variety of things on a regular basis, you may immediately offer him a package. As a result, the customer does not have to search for long periods of time and does not even consider visiting your competitor.

2. Sell your low-cost things on the internet

There are challenging items with low pricing in the online trade due to transportation costs. These costs are greatly lowered when purchased in groups of two or three, and the articles become more appealing to Amazon.

3. Tell the customer about new offerings

Make your assortment’s products appetizing by leveraging the appeal of your top sellers.

4. Make the most of cross-selling opportunities

As a manufacturer, you have little control over cross-selling opportunities on Amazon. You can try to control this with variants or the brand store’s comparison matrix. With clever product bundles, you may take advantage of Amazon’s cross-selling opportunities.

5. Give slow-moving products a boost

When you combine a top seller with a (thematically appropriate) slow-moving product from your range, you’ll see a considerable rise in turnover.

Final thoughts

Customers can purchase a limited amount of product bundles based only on the products contained within them. Bundling your products allows clients to purchase many items in one transaction, increasing your average order value. To eliminate dead stock and reduce inventory waste, products might be combined and sold at a discount.

This improves your IPI (index performance score), resulting in lower warehouse costs. Bundling products has long been a way to boost your average order value. Buyers may find it difficult to search for multiple products many times. It is critical for vendors to alleviate this agony. Product bundles that include things that are regularly purchased together are more successful.

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